It's hard to come up with something new to do for Father's Day every year. That's why everyone used to give Dad a necktie. This year, why not make a tradition with your family that will stand the test of time? Try one of these great ideas to do with Dad on Father's Day and your family will look forward to it year after year.

Make Dad "King" for a Day. Have the kids make him a crown (make a new one every year – they'll be great keepsakes) and let the newly crowned royalty dictate what he wants to do that day. In the evening, the kids can make a feast fit for a King and he can sit back and enjoy the culinary talents of his underlings.

Go Father's Day Camping. What Dad doesn't like to spend a little quality time in the woods. Pick a new venue for camping every year.  Stuck for a gift idea? Why not tie in a camping gear present? Buy him a new trinket for his backpack, a new water bottle or hat. You can make camping a super special Dad's day event the kids – and Dad – will always remember.

Make Dad a Treasure Hunt. Every year you can change the theme, but the idea is the same – send Dad on a wild goose chase for various items he'll love. Leave him pirate clues that have him searching for treasure (donuts in the kitchen, a gift certificate for a massage in the living room, a picnic lunch on the deck) and throughout the day give him his clues. He'll enjoy a day full of surprises and the kids will love watching him try to uncover the mysteries.

Be a Good Sport. Pick a fun sport outing that the family can all do together. Try miniature golfing, or hit the driving range.  Take him to the batting cages. Get the football out and play toss with the kids. Let Dad choose the ball and have fun. If you can get tickets to a sporting event later that day, make that the icing on the cake. There's nothing like taking the whole family to a Father's Day baseball game.

Give Back to the Community. Spend the day with Dad doing something that makes everyone feel good. Have you ever wanted to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity? Why not sign the whole family up to help out for a day. See if there's a food bank that needs help or a community service activity that the whole family can do. Check out for more ideas.

Plan a “Mystery Drive.” Have the kids pick the activity for the day and blindfold Dad so he doesn't know where you're going. Along the way, give him clues and see if he can figure it out. Head to the beach, the zoo, a favorite park or aquarium.

The bottom line is, anything you do together will give Dad a great Father's Day. But if you can incorporate a tradition into your experience, it will make the day even more special, every year.