You pride yourself on being responsible, accountable, and resourceful. You arrive at work before your colleagues, pay your taxes long before April 15, and call your mother every Sunday night. In short, you’re a grown up, an adult. You’ve morphed into the perfect role model for your kids. Right?

Wrong, according to, the website that encourages kids, parents, and teachers to embrace the science of having fun. Become a funologist, they say, and get the ho-hum out of your everyday existence. What better time to engage in some new adventures than the good ‘ol summertime? Plan, anticipate, and enjoy the following activities with your kids. Let them see a different side of you, but most of all, have fun! Here are some ideas for getting started:

  • Ride a carousel. Go to an amusement park and what do you see? Adults on the sidelines and kids on the carousel. That was then, this is now. When the gates open, gallop to your favorite filly and jump on. For three magical minutes, allow your inner child to have a whirl. 
  • Take a train ride. Whether it’s a 10-car Amtrak or a narrow-gauge train, riding the rails is pure Americana. Hop aboard an iron horse and jump-start your journey back in time. If the ride is long enough, bring a picnic lunch to enjoy with the kids. Take this opportunity to teach your kids about the history of our railroads.
  • Play street games. Turn off the television and take to thestreets. After dark, of course. Play such classics as Kick the Can, Sardines, and Street Tag. Find a safe neighborhood street (dead-ends or cul-de-sacs work best), divvy up the teams, and be prepared for a whole lot of fun.
  • Set up camp. Reap the benefits of the great outdoors right in your own backyard. Haul out the tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, and a telescope for viewing the night sky. If you don’t have a fire pit, wheel out the barbecue. Hot dogs and marshmallows taste great any way you roast them.
  • Manage a lemonade stand. Teach your kids the value of hard work and a dollar while still having fun. Set up shop in front of your house. Make business decisions together. How much per cup? What are your hours of operation? How will you divide the profits? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!