It's Teacher Appreciation Week. What can you do to show your appreciation? The answer is pretty simple. That's according to a recent poll by the National Education Association that found that the gift nearly 50 percent of teachers would most like to receive is just a heartfelt "thanks."

The National Education Association is giving you and your child a way to do just that, by being part of the nation's largest teacher thank you card. To participate in NEA's Teacher Thank You Project, all you need is Internet access and a heartfelt message for your teacher.

Here's how it works: Go to You can create an e-card message, with a url where your teacher can view it. 

A copy of the card will became part of a collage of thousands of messages to teachers from students, parents, community members, celebrities and other public figures from around the country. The mosaic of cards will serve as a public tribute to teachers nationwide.

The NEA will be collecting the cards all year long. At of the end last year, the NEA had collected 5,000 cards. Now, that's a big thank you card! Christiana Campos from the NEA said the goal is to get as many new cards added this year as possible. "So thank a teacher, write them a card, and be a part of the project," she says.

The process and the final product can also be viewed virtually at

Getting your child involved in the thank you card project isn't just a hats off to teachers, it's a way to model gratitude and show that you value education.

So, get online and show your support!