Who's got school spirit? You do! Celebrate you child's special day with a School Spirit themed graduation party. School spirit is vital to developing a positive academic environment. Your child may be leaving the school as she graduates, but that does not mean that the spirit should be forgotten. Create lasting memories by throwing this special final ode to her much loved middle or high school.

Make a themed invitation, complete with a picture of your child's very own school. Craft a banner that represents the school's mascot, and ask all of the guests to sign it. Play a how well do you know the school Jeopardy style trivia game that asks the guests to recall favorite subjects, special teachers, and fun school events. End the evening with a school themed cake and cookies in your child's school colors.

For the Invitations

Ask your child to take a picture of her school. Get creative, and pick an angle or view that is truly meaningful. For example, if she was on the school's soccer team try to capture an image of the school and soccer field. Or if she was a drama student, take an artsy picture of the school's performing arts center. Transfer the photo to your computer and print out several copies (one per guest) 4X6 sizing or smaller. Then cut the pictures out. Fold 8 x 10 cardstock that's positioned vertically, in half from top to bottom and then glue the printed picture to the front of the card.

Have your graduate write down important information about her school spirit graduation party on the inside of the card. Include dates, times, place, RSVP number or email, and reason for the party. Be sure to use school colors!

Show Your School Spirit with a Banner!

Set a large piece of butcher paper on an outside surface. Lay a sheet or plastic tarp underneath to avoid transferring the paint onto the ground. Have the guests work together to write the school's name in markers. Have each take turns drawing the school mascot onto the banner. Then paint the banner in school colors and decorate however you like! Ask each guest to sign the banner once it's done. Hang this showing of school spirit up for everyone to see as it dries.

You can even take photos of everyone working on the banner and in front of the banner when it's done and send them to your guests as a party thank you!

Who's Got Spirit? You Do, You Do!

Help your child to brainstorm several different trivia questions about her school. Start with major categories first such as subjects, teachers, or sports. Create names for the categories such as "Cafeteria items that start with C". Write answers to questions (Jeopardy style) for each category onto note cards. Make at least five questions per category. Assign a point value for each question from easiest to most difficult. Play the game with three guests at a time. Give each player a bell or other noise maker to chime in with.

Read the answer that's written on the note card, and ask the players to ring in with the correct question. For example, the answer might be, "This teacher gave the hardest test in all of ninth grade." The question would be, "Who is Mr. Smith?" Keep track of points on a note card. Play a final round in which each player is given a piece of paper and a marker. Say the answer, and have the players write the question on the paper. The winner can receive a school spirit prize such as a t-shirt or notebook or even a goody bag filled with treats!

For some extra school spirit, you and your child can make a cake to serve at the party and decorate it in your school colors. And to get the whole party involved, you can even leave the decorating til party time, and have your graduate and all of his guests join in the fun and show their school spirit by decorating the cake to pay homage to their alma mater!