Volunteer projects and community service help establish your child's sense of a real ability to contribute good to the world around him. There are countless ways that people of all ages make a difference in their communities – these are just a few.

What You Need to Know 

Benefits of community service:

  • teaches your child responsibility
  • demonstrates your child's capacity to make a difference in the world
  • increases your child's sense of humility and appreciation for what life has given him
  • can be a great bonding experience for your family

How You Can Help

Just to name a few of the countless ways that people help change the world for the better:

  • Education/Counseling:
    • Help younger readers
    • Tutor an English learner
    • Peer counseling
    • Donate books to local library
    • Donate old computer to school
  • Community Cleanliness:
    • Paint mural over graffiti
    • Clean vacant lot or park
    • Fund-raise for playground equipment
    • Plant garden or tree for neighborhood
    • Clean trash along river, beach or park
  • Homelessness:
    • Cook/serve meals at shelter
    • Collect clothes to donate to shelter
    • Donate care kits (combs, toothbrushes, etc) to shelter
    • Organize canned food drive
    • Build homes with Habitat for Humanity
  • Elderly Neighbors/Nursing Homes:
    • Visit and send letters
    • Rake leaves or shovel snow
    • Take a senior for a walk
    • Pick up groceries or medicine
    • Teach how to use the Internet
  • Citizenship
    • Contact local representative about key issues
    • Register voters
    • Pass out election materials
    • Send letter to veterans or overseas soldiers
    • Bake cookies and bring them to your local fire or police station.
  • Going green:
    • Organize car pool
    • Campaign for more walking/biking
    • Recycle
    • Don't litter.
  • Special Needs:
    • Volunteer at Special Olympics Event
    • Organize buddy system for local special needs kids
    • Fund-raise for Braille books for visually impaired
    • Read books/newspapers on tape for visually impaired
  • Medical:
    • Bring toys to hospital cancer ward
    • Deliver meals to home-bound patients
    • Volunteer as candy striper at local hospital
  • Animals
    • Volunteer at local animal shelter
    • Walk a vacationing neighbor's dog or pet
    • Adopt a pet from Humane Society
  • Nature
    • Adopt an acre of rain forest
    • Create wild life habitat
      Contact your local volunteer center for more service opportunities.

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