General principle: The purpose of a good discussion is to work with others to come up with the best set of ideas or ways to deal with a situation. In an argument or a debate, only one side wins. In a good discussion, everybody wins!

  1. Think before you speak.
  2. Listen carefully to what others have to say.
  3. Do not interrupt when some one else is speaking.
  4. Make use of what others have to say when it is your turn to speak.
  5. Only say what you truly believe.
  6. Do not remain silent. Make sure to contribute to the discussion.
  7. Let other people speak. Do not hog the discussion. Once you are done speaking, let at least two other people talk before you speak again.
  8. Support good ideas that other people have, even if they are different from your own.
  9. Search for the best solution even if it is different from the way that you thought at first.