Science project

Does EMF Affect Us?

Research Questions:

  • Does the radiation (EMF) emitted from electronic devices affect plants or bugs?
  • What can be inferred about EMF and its effects on humans from the way it affects other living organisms?

There is a lot of concern and speculation about the way EMF may be affecting our health in modern society. In this study one observes plants, insects and an animal living very close to a known source of EMF and then, based on these observations, infers the effects of EMF on humans.


  • An EMF measuring device
  • An electronic device emitting EMF
  • 2-4 plants of the same type and age
  • Several insects of the same type and approximate age
  • 2 mice or rats or other small animal

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Use the EMF measuring device to determine which electronic device in your house emits the most radiation, and in which direction the radiation seems to flow the most.
  2. Put one to two plants, several insects, and one of the animals in the same room as that electronic device, preferably near the area that has the highest EMF readings.
  3. Put the other plants, insects, and animal in another room with similar lighting, air flow and temperature but near no electronic devices.
  4. Observe the plants, insects and animal living near the EMF radiation. Notice any visible or behavioral differences between these organisms and the control plants, insects and animal.
  5. Keep a log of all observations and take pictures weekly of both the control and test subjects.
  6. Throughout the study, periodically measure the EMF readings near the electronic device to ensure it is staying constant.
  7. After observing the control and test subjects for six to twelve weeks, make overall observations.
  8. Come to a conclusion as to the question of whether or not frequent exposure to EMF radiation affects the health of humans and other organisms.

Terms/Concepts: EMF radiation, environmental radiation and its effects on living organisms

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