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What Animals are Most Popular? A Data Analysis Project

Research Questions:

  • What animals are most popular?
  • Do boys tend to favor certain animals? Girls?
  • Do younger kids favor certain animals? Older?


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Clipboard
  • Two or more mixed-gender classes of different grades, preferably one class on the younger side and one on the older

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Make a data chart with 3 columns.
  2. Label one column "grade," one column "gender," and one column "animal."
  3. Interview the members of your class and/or a younger class and an older class. Ask each person what his/her favorite animal is. On your chart record the interviewee's grade, gender, and favorite animal.
  4. When you have interviewed at least two classes, analyze the data. You will need a large sheet of paper on which to record the names of animals and the numbers of votes in each category and sub-category. In your evaluation you may want to answer these questions: • What animals are most popular? • Which are most popular among boys? • Which are most popular among girls? • Which are most popular among younger kids? • Which are most popular among older kids? • Which are most popular among younger boys? (Continuing the pattern above, devise your own sub-groups to study.)
  5. Now notice: Did any patterns emerge? If so, you might ask yourself and your friends: Why might certain animals be more popular with certain groups? There is no right answer, but it’s something to think about, to take it a step further.
  6. As an extension: Interview and evaluate the results for a group of adults.

Terms/Concepts: gender, data, data-collection, data-analysis, record-keeping

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