Science project

Brain Lateralization


What is brain lateralization? Is it real?


  • Texts, studies and articles on brain specialization/lateralization.


  1. Here is your scenario. The science department of your high school has decided to create The Science Journal containing both arm chair research and experimental research undertaken by the students. The journal will be published twice a year, in January and in June. Since there has been a growing interest in the neurosciences, especially in the area of The Brain, you have accepted the task on writing the first article in the series. The question you are addressing is Brain Lateralization, Fact or Fiction?
  2. You may use the answers to the research questions which are provided above to guide you, as an outline for your paper.
  3. You may include illustrations of the brain, it hemispheres, the location of both Boca’s and Wernicke's areas.
  4. Based on your findings, list one or two questions you may wish to explore next year on an experimental basis.
  5. Write your article. Include your bibliography. You may wish to reproduce it plus the illustrations for distribution to your classmates.
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