Science project

Cats & Dogs

  • What qualities are common to both animals?
  • How do these animals differ and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these characteristics?

Everyone has their own opinion about cats and dogs. There are dog lovers and cat lovers who can list all the reasons their animal is the best pet so it is difficult to determine based on subjective opinions. There are certain qualities that we look for in pets and there are factors that we tend to overlook due to their wet noses, big eyes, and a cuddly exterior. This project will investigate which animal is the better between cats and dogs using objective characteristics.

  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Dog references
  • Cat references  

1)     To formulate objective criteria in which you will rate the pets you will need to brainstorm.

a)     An example is veterinary costs. You can determine what the average yearly vet costs are for each animal. One animal may cost more than another in terms of average yearly cost but what about when they get sick? Which animal is more inclined to sickness or injury?

2)     Recruit at least 5 dog and 5 cat owners. If possible find additional individuals who have both animals as pets. 

3)     Have your subjects answer your criteria.

4)     When analyzing data determine a rating scale and create a chart.                        

5)     Who comes out on top? Dogs or cats?

6)     Discuss how and why you came to your conclusion.


Weekly Food Cost


Vet Bill per year


Allowed in Stores


Total Points


In this example the animal that came out on top for each category received 1 point. The points were then added to determine the overall winner. 

Terms/Concepts: Cats; Dogs; Subjective vs. Objective


Author: Melissa Bautista
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