Cell Membrane

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Updated on Dec 20, 2013

Grade Level: 3rd - 4th; Type: Life Science


We will be making a model of a cell membrane using very simple material.Think of a cell membrane as a filter. It only lets certain substances inside it. It functions to protect our cells from harmful bacteria, like filtering water.

  • What type of sand was left not filtered?
  • What type of sand was filtered?

Our bodies are composed of millions of cells, each cell having its own cell membrane. The cell membrane acts as a very important barrier from harmful viruses, bacteria, and other substances that could be bad for our cells.


  • 2 peanut butter jars/any type of wide jar
  • Screwdrivers or skewers of different sizes
  • Sands of various sizes
  • Tape (preferably ducttape)

  1. Take the jars and keep the lid on one of them.
  2. Use the skewers/screwdrivers to poke holes through the lids. Make sure there is a variety of sizes.
  3. Pour the sand into one jar.
  4. Tape both jars together at the lid of each facing the other’s lid.
  5. Make sure no sand falls out.
  6. Record your data: What sand was filtered and which was not.

Terms/Concepts: Filtering;Cell Membrane; Cell


Cell Membrane:
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