Science project

Which Kind of Earplug is Most Effective?


  • Five different kinds of earplugs: standard foam; silicone; wax; custom-molded; filtered musicians' earplugs
  • Stereo and loud music
  • Friend
  • Pen and paper for notes

Experimental Procedure:

  1. It is highly recommended that you attempt this experiment in a room that is remote from other people or sound-proof, especially if you're doing this during the night.
  2. Take the foam earplugs and follow the directions on the package on how to insert in your ear.
  3. Have a friend speak to you: in a whisper, in their normal speech, and yelling
  4. Can you still hear them? How well? Jot this down on the chart.
  5. Have your friend blast the stereo at max volume. How well can you still hear that?
  6. Now repeat this for the other earplugs. What have you noticed about the material and the difference of noise blockage?
  7. Record your results.



Normal Speech


Stereo Blast

Standard Foam Earplugs





Silicone Earplugs





Wax Earplugs





Custom Molded





Filtered Earplugs






Terms/Concepts: Soundwaves; Frequency; Decibels; Ears; Hearing


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