Science project

Do Pets Really Look Like Their Owners?

Research Questions:

They say owners start to resemble their pets, but is that true? In this experiment, we'll explore whether people can match pets to owners.


  • Photos of dog owners
  • Photos of their dogs
  • Test subjects who don't know the pets or the owners
  • Pen/paper for notes

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Print out or take some photos of dog owners and their dogs.
  2. Put together a “matching game/test” and let each test subjects hypothesize which dog goes with which owner.
  3. Find the average of how many people guessed correctly. For example, if you had 10 pairs of photos, and someone guessed 6/10 correctly, it would be 60% correct. Record that.
  4. Analyze your results according to trends by adding all the percentages and dividing by the number of pairs you have in total. Also, which pair had the most correct guesses?



# of Correct Guesses


1st Pair



2nd Pair



3rd Pair




Terms/Concepts: Psychology; Personal preference


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