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World's First Energy-Saving Microcontroller Powered Generator

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I will make digital circuits and use it to upgrade and charge a laptop or netbook or android, by using a microcontroller sensor which can connect through  bluetooth, infared, or usb. I will also use it to power a high amount of electricity.

Microcontrollers are small computers on only one integraded circuit. This contains its processor core. A microcontroller is peripheral as a system contained by itself with small processor and tiny size that in planted on top of a single circuit that has been integrated and maybe soldered. It has an ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), and a ISR (Interrupt Server Routine) which is used to program it. It has a CPU (Central Processing Unit), which is the brain of the microcontroller. Its memory or program can be erased threw the computer by ultraviolet light. An advanced microcontroller would have a six transistor SRAM.

The RAM is the random access memory, which is its basic data computer storage in a microcontroller. It is actually the integrated circuit of the microcontroller. Some RAMs are magnetic core memory chips. The system random access memory (SRAM) is the same thing as RAM.

Microcontrollers can be part of a motherboard. They don't have that high of memory hierarchy. Memory Hierarchy is known as the virtual memory of the hard drive.

A hard drive is an access device for the digigital memory of the computer.  This is dominent for the digital data of an computer.


Hard Drive


Random access

Hard Disk

Usually soldered

Virtual Memory


8bit-64bit sizes

Data storer


Electricity, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Engineering



Difficulty of the Project

Very Hard

Safety Issues
High Voltage
Time Taken to Complete the Project

5 months


  • How to use microcontrollers to power electricity.
  • A cheap way to save electricity.
  • By using microcontrollers to power electricity, you can save money. It saves energy and electricity.

Materials and Equipment

  • Thomas and Kemos Microcontroller Kit
  • 75 in 1 electronics lab
  • Differant coils of wires: Zinc, Copper, Iron
  • 26.7 Megahertz romote controller
  • Small circuit board from Scholastic Deluxe Transmittor kit
  • Scholastic deluxe electronics lab kit
  • PVC tape
  • Van De Graff Telsa Coil Sphere
  • Wire Glue

Materials were found at Radio Shack, Discover This, Arbor Sciencetific, Dollar Store, Amazon, and Think Geek


Circuit Theory

Basic integer to digitalize and convert to electricity. A circuit can be used to power upn electricity.

I want to demostrate digital sensors, or circuits and how you can use them to program things or power a high amount of electricity so you can find a cheap way to charge electricity or use microcontroller technology.

My project thesis statements and notes and data summary is available here.

Research Questions

What does this have to do with Einstein's laws of physics?

Einsteins Law E=MC Squared means Energy equals mass acceleration to the second power.

Fun Fact:

Einstein's Law is called Special Relativity. It was discovered by him in 1905, but he didn't get the noble prize of physics until 1921. 

Quantum Physics Philosophy

  • Can you program the Microcontroller?
  • Can you use the microcontroller and the circuits to conduct electricity? 
  • Can you program the Microcontroller?
  • Can you use the microcontroller and the circuits to conduct electricity?

Experimental Procedure

Step 1- If you connect the 4 circuit boards together and connect them to the 26.7 megahertz remote's circuit then it would be a digital circuit. You need to connect: 11-33, 12-30, 17-26, 27-29, 28-34, 7-35-38, 8-16-23, 25-32 with Zinc wires and connect the transistors together, then it would be a digital circuit than can power a high amount of electricity. The transmitters is 1-3 to transmitter 4-11-16. The project that I have done requires a high understanding of computer science, quantum physics, and even magnetism. It also demonstrates General Relativity.

Transmitter Lab

Step 2- Connect leds 1-5, 6-17,2-18

Step 3- Connect 1-5 to transistor 6-8-17

Step 4- Connect 19-41-31 to 20-33
Step 5- Connect 27-44
Deluxe Electronics Lab

Step 6- Do steps at pages 11-15 from the Scholastic Deluxe Electronics Lab Manual

Step 7- Do steps on Page 17
75 in 1 Electronics Lab

Step 8- Attach Van De Graff Telsa Coil Sphere to the labs main control circuit part with wire glue and cover the sphere with black PVC tape

Step 9- Cannect 9-29-12 to 11-1-9's springs
Step 10- Connect 9-29-12 to the main control
Step 11- Connect 3-35 to 12-38
Step 12- Connect 3-35 to 11-1-9
Step 13- Do Experiments1,8, 11,19,and 22

Step 14- Connect the main controls, transistors, and resistor circuit modules with Zinc Wires

Step 15- Do experiment on page 12 of microcontroller manual to program microcontroller

Step 16- Cover Zinc Wires with PVC tape


I noticed that the circuits generated a high amount of electricity, which can save alot of money from the electrical bill.  

I saw it work and power a high voltage amount and that Zinc is the best electric conductor.

Circuits can power a generater and many electric circuits can for a digital circuit. I noticed that my hypothesis was correct.

Technology is the study of making new things to make a better world.  It requires the knowledge of Physics, Computer Science, and Inventions or Innowations.

Learnings: I had to learn basic chemistry and physics equations, as well as learn computer/innovation design and program.

  • The Zinc wire is the best conductor. My Hypothesis was correct.


General Reletivity is the movement of free light particles, which may also describe what torques are in physics.

I will also need to know how to program microcontrollers, which has to do with the basic understanding of computer science.

I have been studying computer science, and logic for years, so it wasn't easy to just come up with an idea like this.

Use Zinc wire because it is the best conductor of electricity and cover it with PVC tape so if you touch it yoou won't get electrical shocked when its on, Don't put it on wet areas and don't touch the circuits when its on.

My hypothesis was right, and so was my thesis statement.

 In my logic can you use the circuit idea to power generators, or electric cars, or homes if you used a more powerful circuit.

This would be interesting to know because if we did that, but with more advanced circuits, and it worked, than we could save our country millions.

This project also has to do with the simple study of electricity. I also studied CPUs and microcontrollers. This is why I think my project should win, because it involves physics, math, computerscience, and its pretty hard for a 14 year-old boy like myself to do but I did it, and I did it right. This project also took alot of perseverance and trial errors to do. My project could have been better if I added a switch-circuit to the deluxe electronics lab circuit.

Research Resources

Wired Magazine Relativity Yahoo Answers

Physics Introduction Here:

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