Eraser Test

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Updated on Jan 17, 2013

There's a reason nearly every pencil -- traditional or mechanical -- comes with an eraser. No matter how much you concentrate, mistakes happen! Get down to the rubber with this science project that tests the effectiveness of different types of erasers.


Which eraser works the best?


  • 3 different pink erasers
  • 3 different white erasers
  • Pencil with eraser attached
  • Ruler
  • Paper
  • Notebook


  1. Use your pencil to make seven lines on a paper. Make sure each line is about half an inch wide.
  2. Assign different erasers and your pencil to each line.
  3. Look at all your erasers. Which do you think will erase the best? Write down your guess, also called a hypothesis, in your notebook.
  4. Take each eraser and rub it across its corresponding line fives times up and five times down.
  5. Write down details of how each line looks after you’ve completed step 4. Consider smudging, darkness, tears, rips, and eraser shavings.
  6. Look at all your data. Were the results what you expected?


Soft white erasers generally erase better than the harder pink erasers.


Cheap erasers are made of synthetic rubber. This has a pink color to it. However, a more expensive form of eraser can be made with plastic, vinyl, gum-like material. These normally have a white color to them. Soft, gum-like material can easily grip the graphite from the paper surface and pull it off. However, cheap rubbery material glides on the surface of paper, smudging and not lifting. Now what if you used different brands of pencils? Or maybe bigger graphite size? Keep experimenting! The world of science is humongous.

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