Amount Of Fat Removal In Different Cooking Methods

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Updated on May 07, 2013

Consuming large amounts of fat doesn't only make a person overweight, but this unhealthy eating habit can also lead to heart disease and increase the chances of other illnesses.


Which cooking method gets rid of the most fat?


  • The same cut of fatty meat in the same size
  • A steamer in a pot
  • A personal grill (like George Foreman)
  • A skillet
  • An oven with a baking dish
  • Measuring containers to collect & hold fat
  • Precise kitchen scale
  • Water
  • Basic kitchen utensils


  1. Using the same size of the same cut of fatty meat, cook it completely these 4 ways: steam (fat will collect at the bottom of steamer/pot), personal grilling (these usually will come with a long, slender dish to catch the fat), baking (fat will collect at the bottom of the baking dish), pan-frying (fat will collect in pan
  2. To yield more accurate results, do not add any other ingredients to the meat and wait for the fat to sit on top and freeze solid. This is pure fat.
  3. Weigh the beaker. Keep this number.
  4. Take the fat from each of these meats and put it in a measuring container (separatley), like a beaker.
  5. Weigh the fat on the kitchen scale for all the meats. Subtract the weight of the container from the total weight.
  6. Now put the fat in a microwave oven just until it completely melts. Read the liquid measurements for all of the meats. Which one has the most fat
  7. Evaluate your results.
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