Science project

Guys vs. Girls: Who Has Better Reflexes?

Research Questions:

  • Are there differences in the brains of men and women?
  • How might these differences affect reflexes?


  • A ruler (no sharp edges!)
  • Website for reflex testing
  • Computer(s)
  • At least 50 test subjects of both genders, preferably in the same age range
  • Notebook and pen to take notes

Experimental Procedure:

Part 1

  1. First we are going to do a simple reflex test with a ruler. Ask your test subject to kneel down on the floor with one of their arms out to be ready to grab the ruler. Tell them to grab it as soon as you drop it.
  2. You should stand right in front of your partner and hold the ruler directly above his/her hand which should be in a “ready to grab” position. Make sure your ruler is turned the right way, with the lower numbers at the bottom.
  3. Drop the ruler straight down into your partner's hand. Wait for them to grab it and record the number at which the top of their hand touches.
  4. Repeat those steps for all your test subjects, keeping note of their genders.
  5. Find the average number for both genders by adding up all the numbers and dividing by the number of test subjects in your gender group.

Part 2

  1. In the second part of the experiment, we are going to use this website with reflex tests already made for you.
  2. Have all your test subjects take the quick reflex tests on that webpage and record their genders as well as their test results.
  3. Take these test results and also find the averages, like you did in Part I of the experiment.
  4. Analyze your results and create a graph to show which gender performed better on which test.



Averages for Each Test




Ruler Test





Color Test





Image Test





Letter “X” Test





Dots Test





Average Time Test





Stop the Clock Test





Check the Boxes Test








* Check () the small box next to the test to indicate which gender performed better at which test. Then count the total number of tests each gender outperformed the other and write in the “totals” box.*

Terms/Concepts: Reflexes; Reaction Time; The functions of the brain; Stimuli; Nerves; Nervous System


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