Hide and Go Listen: A Hearing Activity

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Updated on Sep 26, 2014

Grade Level: Preschool-Kindergarten Type: Human Anatomy

This project causes young children to focus on and become more aware of their sense of hearing and the power of their ears.

  • What do you hear when you and your friends quietly sit still and listen?
  • Can you hear things that you can’t see?
  • Can you “follow your ears” to find things that you can’t see?
  • Are some sounds easier to hear than others?

  • A quiet place in which Hide and Go Seek can be played
  • Bells, rattle, wood blocks, whistles, other small musical instruments
  • One or more friends

  1. Sit quietly for a few moments and listen carefully. What do you hear?
  2. Organize a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek.
  3. Explain that this new game is just like classic hide-and-go-seek except that the hider will be making a sound and that the seekers should listen for the sound in order to help them find the hider.
  4. Give the hider a small musical instrument explaining that after he hides he should shake/knock/blow the instrument repeatedly until he is found.
  5. Repeat the game as often as everyone likes.
  6. Afterwards you may want to talk about the research questions above.

Terms/Concepts: five senses, sense of hearing

For more hearing practice, play the Round of Sounds!

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