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  1. Go to and search your name. Search nicknames and your full name.
  2. In what position is the first link with information about you?
  3. If you did not find anything using your name or if others with your name appear which overshadows your information add your home state, school name, work place, or other unique identifier.
  4. If you find a website with your information go to the site and record what information you find. Can you determine the origin of this information?
  5. If you find photos of yourself record the site. Can you determine the origin of the photos?<
  6. If you can pinpoint the origin of your information are you able to delete or make the information private? Try to delete or hide your information and repeat your search.
  7. You can also search for your family members and friends. Alert them of the potential dangers of having information available on the Internet.
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