Science project

Does Land or Water Warm Faster?


  • 2 thermometers
  • 2 plastic boxes (These should be exactly alike.)
  • Sand
  • Water


  1. Pour sand into one of your plastic boxes to a depth of two inches. Pour water into the other plastic box to a depth of two inches. The sand box will represent land while the water box represents a body of water.
  2. Place the two boxes in a location that receives direct sunlight.
  3. For a period of 30 minutes, check the temperature of both boxes every 10 minutes. Make sure to put the thermometer down into the sand and water to get an accurate temperature of each material. Record the temperatures in a chart (see sample below) or plot the points on a graph.


The land surface will warm faster.


Land absorbs more solar radiation the land surface retains more heat as do the vegetation for energy.

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