Do Lunar Cycles Affect Human Behavior?

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Updated on Apr 26, 2017

Grade Level:

High School


Astronomy, Sociology


This experiment will explore the possibility of a connection between lunar cycles and how humans are affected.

Research Questions:

-Do the cycles of the moon have an affect on our behavior?

-Do people act abnormally around a full moon?


For thousands of years, people have held superstitious beliefs about the full moon and the lunar cycle (werewolves, anyone?). The lunar cycle also plays a major role in pseudo-sciences like astrology and has a major affect on the ocean tides, so it’s no surprise that humans might feel these changes. Are these beliefs about the moon fact or fiction?


  • 20 to 50 volunteers
  • Copies of survey
  • Access to local death, birth, and crime information (from a newspaper or internet)
  • Lunar calendar

Experimental Procedure

  1. Design a survey that will have your volunteers write down notes on their daily mood and the major events in their life (such as getting sick off or getting an Aon a test) for the next two months.
  2. On the first day, hand out the surveys, and remind your colunteers that all the information they provide is confidential.
  3. During the two months, keep up with the births, deaths, and crime information in your local newspaper by recording them in your journal. Note down the dates crime takes place. For births and deaths, note down date, gender, age of death, and other available information.
  4. After two months, collect the surveys back from your volunteers and compile them in your journal.
  5. Organize the volunteers’ moods by day—how many said they were feeling sad or happy or angry on a particular day?
  6. Now analyze the data. Does mood have any connection with the lunar cycle? Does crime? How about the amount of births or deaths in a community?
  7. Look for outside factors. Did the experimental period cover a time when many people were sick, or students were stressed about tests?

Concepts: lunar cycle, behavior, new moon

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