Survival Skills

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Updated on May 02, 2013

Survival is our main goal as animals. Living in the comfort of a home with all the amenities it’s easy to forget this basic instinct. Stories of survival exemplify our human capabilities when faced with nature's wrath. Although you may never anticipate becoming stranded on an island, lost in the woods, or isolated in the snowy mountains it is always good to be prepared. For this projects students will create a simple survival kit with the basic tools for survival in various scenarios.


Students will create a survival kit with the basic necessities for surviving various scenarios. This project will involve critical thinking, anticipation, and problem solving.


  • Students will brainstorm on what materials are needed.


  1. Brainstorm: List various survival scenarios.
  2. Based on the basic human requirements for survival what is fundamental in each of these scenarios? For example, we all have to eat to survive.
  3. What natural resources can you utilize? For example, people stranded on an island have a vast water supply.
  4. What are tools would be helpful for each survival situation? Do any tools work for all scenarios?
  5. Create your survival kit:
    1. Based on the questions above you must create a kit that is:
      1. Describe why you choose each tool and how it can be used in multiple situations.
      2. Do not use technology. Although we may have our cellular phones with us they do not always get reception.
      3. You can design new tools as well.
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