Science project

Measuring The Wind

This project encourages the student to look for correlations between wind speed, temperature, and time of day in order to come up with an explanation about the origin of wind.

The goal is to have the student use the scientific method to reach a conclusion about the relationship between wind speed, temperature and time of day.


What is the relationship between temperature, time of day, and the wind?


  • Materials to construct the anemometer (five Dixie cups, two straws, a pin, scissors, a paper punch, a stapler), a thermometer, pencil and paper, and a calculator.
  • Materials can be found at home (or a Wal-Mart-type store)


  1. Measure the wind speed everyday in a location that is often windy for three weeks. Make the measurement in the morning, at mid-day, and at dusk.
  2. Record the temperature each time you make a measurement.
  3. Calculate the average wind speed and temperature for each time of day you made the measurement.
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