Science project

Musical Glasses

Research Questions:

  • Can you make music by using just any type of glass?
  • Which set of glasses work the best?
  • Which striking tool works the best and on which type of glass?
  • Is there a noticeable difference in sound between the different levels of water?
  • Is it possible to play a simple song using the glasses of water?


  • Six (6) regular drinking glasses.
  • Six (6) wine glasses
  • Six (6) mason jars
  • Water
  • One (1) metal spoon
  • One (1) popsicle stick

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Fill each set of six glasses with incrementally increasing amounts of water.
  2. Ask three different students (one at a time) to lightly strike/rub the rims of the glass with his/her finger.
  3. Ask three more students (one at a time) to lightly strike/rub the rim of the glasses, with the spoon.
  4. Again, ask three more students (one at a time) to lightly strike/rub the rim of the glasses with the popsicle stick.
  5. Record all your observations by answering the Research Questions.

Terms/Concepts: pitch, music, chime, sound


Science Kids – Experiments for Kids (2011)

Chevron Cars (2002/2011)

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