Properties of Garlic

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Updated on Sep 26, 2014

Grade Level: 6th - 12th; Type: Food Science


Illustrate the wonders of garlic.

The goals of this project are:

  1. To detail the chemical properties and nutritional value of garlic.
  2. To create a tasty display featuring samples of garlic recipes.

Research Questions:

  • What are the claimed medicinal benefits of garlic?
  • What are the culinary uses for garlic?

Garlic is a member of the onion family, and has been used throughout human history for culinary and medicinal purposes. In this project you will detail the chemical properties of garlic, and create some deliciously weird garlic recipes.


  • Computer with Internet access
  • Color printer
  • Digital camera
  • Typical office/hobby/hardware/craft supplies (paper, poster board, glue, etc.).
  • Several bulbs of garlic.
  • Other food ingredients, depending on which recipes you choose.

Experimental Procedure

  1. Carefully study the related literature (see bibliography below).
  2. Address all of the terms and research questions mentioned here.
  3. Search and print out interesting images relevant to your topic.
  4. Take interesting photos throughout the course of the experiment.
  5. Write a detailed report about the chemical properties of garlic and its medicinal effects.
  6. Prepare several garlic recipes (See link #3 below)
  7. Include graphics, charts, diagrams and tasty recipe samples in your science fair display.

Terms/Concepts: Allium sativum; Clostridium botulinum


Photog: Krystin Beaver
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