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How Much Radiation is in Your House?

Research Questions:

  • Do electronic devices emit radiation?
  • Do some devices emit more radiation than others?
  • How much EMF radiation is present in a normal household?

Some people are concerned about radiation coming from the various electronic devices in modern life. Is this concern justified? The purpose of this study is to see if electronic devices that most people own emit radiation, and if they do, how much?


  • Working electronic devices
  • An EMF measuring device

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Locate electronic devices that are used normally in your home. Typical items are: desktop computer, flat screen or older monitor, laptop computer, tablet device, cell phone, smart phone, printer, speakers, TV, remote control, lamp, refrigerator, coffee maker, modem.
  2. Using an EMF measuring device, measure the radiation emanating from each of your chosen electronic devices. Record all of the values. For devices that utilize a signal, such as computers with WIFI or cell phones, measure them when using the signal and when not using it, making a separate notation for each.
  3. Compare the amounts of radiation from each device. Calculate total household radiation.

Terms/Concepts: radiation, EMF, emanation

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