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Do People With Warmer Skin Tones Tend To Like Warmer Colors and Cooler, Cool?

Research Questions:

Why is it always helpful to know what your skin tone is? What is it useful for?

Humans are born in all different skin colors and among those skin colors are also different skin tones. Skin tones may be generally warm or cool. The way to tell if you are warm or cool-toned is by looking at the underside of your arm and at your veins. If they are greenish, then you are warm and if they are bluish then you are cool. But if your veins appear greenish-blue then you may have to take further steps to determine your tone or you may just be one of those really neutral tones.


  • This website: to determine skin tone
  • Some test subjects in both skin tone groups
  • Pen and paper for notes

Experimental Procedure:

  1. For help in determining skintone visit this site:
  2. You need to determine the skin tones of all of your test subjects.
  3. After doing that, ask them what their favorite color is. If they cannot choose between multiple colors, then simply jot all of those down.
  4. Analyze and record your results. Is there a relationship between skin tone and the tone of their favorite color?

Terms/Concepts: Skin tone; Psychology


Robins, AH (1991). Biological Perspectives on Human Pigmentation

Cambridge University Press.

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