Does Storage Temperature Affect Orange Juice's Acidity?

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Updated on May 22, 2013


Does storing your orange juice at different temperatures affects its acidity?


  • pH paper
  • Orange juice
  • Food storage with changeable temperature
  • Thermometer


  1. Before you start, pour some orange juice into a cup.
  2. Put the pH paper into the juice.
  3. Record exactly what color it is and if it is very basic, basic, neutral, acidicor very acidic.
  4. Pour one cup of orange juice into a sealed jar or bottle.
  5. Put it into the storage apparatus.
  6. Adjust temperature to 40 – 50 degrees. (If you cannot set a specific temperature, experiment with the settings on the storage apparatus and use the thermometer to know what setting to put it on.)
  7. Leave the orange juice in for one day.
  8. Take the orange juice out of storage and put the pH paper into the juice.
  9. Depending on what color the pH paper is, the juice should either be very basic, basic, neutral, acidic, or very acidic.
  10. Make sure to record the exact color it is. Describe it in detail. Examples: dark red with slightly orange sides, blue with green sides, etc.

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