What Type of Magnet is the Strongest?

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Updated on Sep 23, 2014

Grade Level: 4th-6th; Type: Physical Science


Discover which of four types of magnet is the strongest.

Research Questions:

All magnets oppose each other in force when the same poles are facing, but attract each other when turned so that their opposite poles are facing. But not all magnets are exactly the same. Some are more magnetic than others.


  • Neodynium Iron Boron Magnets
  • Samarium Cobalt Magnets
  • Alnico Magnets
  • Ceramic/Ferrite Magnets
  • Piece of metal (a nail, paperclips, coin, etc)
  • Pen and paper for notes.

Experimental Procedure

  1. Hold your first magnet in front of a piece of metal, such as a nail. Try to pull the piece of metal away from the magnet. Determine the level of difficulty.
  2. Repeat the procedure for all your magnets and compare. Determine which one was the most difficult to pull away.
  3. Record your results.

Terms/Concepts: Magnets; Magnetic Field; S/N Poles; Force


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