13 Days of Halloween 2014


Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween, our annual countdown featuring a spine-tickling selection of activities, worksheets, and games—we can hardly wait to show you!

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Complete Roly's Trick-or-Treating Route

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Welcome to 13 Days of Halloween! Help Roly discover 13 spooky Halloween activities by cutting and pasting 13 Halloween houses onto the trick-or-treat path.

Play a Skeleton Game

Day 2Skeleton Bone Catcher

Help Skeleton Floyd catch the bone! This skeleton game for kids is a spooky take on the original Bone Catcher game from Brainzy, our early learning program.

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Crazy Eyes

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Take a look at this oogly-googly eye Halloween craft! Have your child tweak the design to learn about balance and counterbalance with this crazy-eyed creature.

Haunted House Maze

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Here's a spooky way to get into the spirit of Halloween! Enjoy a fun haunted house maze with your little learner.

Scary Trees

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Bend, twist, squish and press a paper bag into a tree! Once it's finished, your child's Halloween tree will look like it came right out of a scary fairy tale.

Bat Flyers

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This Halloween-themed bat flyer paper project is perfect for kids who love paper airplanes. The finished flyers will provide hours of eerily fun entertainment.

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Eerie Candle Holder

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Light up the night by making this silhouette candle holder. The silhouettes may cause a bit of a fright, but they'll also help you avoid the monsters.

Handprint Owl Painting

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Make an owl painting with your child this Halloween. This owl painting features an autumn scene created by layering images and a pair of handprint owls.

Spooky Spiders

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Get into the Halloween spirit by creating creepy (but cute) spiders from paper egg cartons, paint, and pipe cleaners.

Spooky Pumpkins Coloring Page

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Start your Halloween night off right with this coloring page of some spooky pumpkins.

Banana Ghosts

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Take a bite out of these sticky-sweet banana ghosts to create a Halloween memory your kid's taste buds will never forget.

Day 12

Guess What's Next!

Day 12 Clue: Do you recognize me? I meow and roll around.

Check back as often as you dare for future activities!

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