All About Me! 7 Preschool Printables

Encourage your little one to express herself with this fun-filled collection of worksheets, focusing on me, myself and I.

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All About Me, and You!

What's the preschooler's favorite subject? Himself! Kids love questions about themselves, but this worksheet also has your kid finding out about someone else.
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My Favorite Outfit

Everyone has a favorite outfit, even preschoolers. Have your child draw a picture of herself wearing her favorite outfit.
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My Home

Encourage your preschooler to build a great sense of ME with this fun worksheet, all about her home.
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My Phone Number

Can your preschooler recite his phone number? Use this cute template to help him learn an important bit of information.
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Wants and Needs

This worksheet will help your preschooler understand the difference between a want and a need.
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My Bedroom

What does your bedroom look like? Help your preschooler create a map of her bedroom using these cute cut-outs.
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Boys and Girls

On this worksheet, your preschooler will draw pictures of all her friends and split them into gender categories.
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