Back to School, Back to Basics

Get the best back to school prep with this set of kindergarten essentials. From counting, to colors, coins to crafts, your little learner will get to review the basics in time for the new school year.

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Make an ABC, 123 Book!

This simple bookmaking activity will introduce and reinforce alphabet and number recognition skills that have been taught at home or learned in preschool.
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Count Down to Kindergarten: Write a Back-to-School Journal

Give your kindergartener an outlet to articulate his thoughts about going to school for the first time by setting aside time to help him write in his journal.
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Kindergarten Readiness: Map The Day!

Practice early social studies skills and get your child excited about the new school year with this fun activity.
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My Shape Book!

Help your kindergartener review shapes - and build early reading skills - with this creative book project.
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Make Jumbo "Cupcake" Crayons

Kids of all ages will delight in making these jumbo "cupcake" crayons from all of the broken crayon stubs that seem to pile up around the house.
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Make a Paper Chain Calendar

Make this paper chain calendar and give your child a visual reminder of the passing of time.
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Make Your Own Coin Bank!

Help your first grader make a coin bank that builds connections to early reading and math. And build good saving habits, too!
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Make a Texture Variety Book

Let your kid experiment with textures among fabric and other materials that are smooth, rough, soft, or slippery--and then he'll make a texture book!
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