Girl Brain, Boy Brain—What's the Difference?

Find out eight ways that boys and girls think differently.

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1. Bustling Brains

Fact: A girl's brain has 15 to 20 percent more activity than a boy's brain at a given time.

Explanation: Male and female brains are wired differently. The male brain distributes its brain activity into less parts than the female brain. Different sections of the female brain can work together at the same time in ways that the male brain cannot.

2. Feeling Fibers

Fact: Females have more nerve fibers in their skin than males.

Explanation: What does this mean? Males are less sensitive to pain than females. Boys' bodies and brains feel less pain at any given moment than girls.

3. Gray and White Matter: It Matters!

Fact: Boys' brains have more gray matter. Girls' brains have more white matter.

Explanation: Gray matter localizes brain activity in a single part of the brain, rather than spreading to other parts of the brain. White matter connects brain activity to different parts of the brain, including emotion centers.

4. On/Off Button

Fact: Boys' brains enter a rest state more times a day than girls' brains.

Explanation: Boys and girls have different ways of paying attention, finishing a task, relaxing, experiencing emotions, relating to others, becoming bored, and even talking to others.

5. Spatial Sense

Fact: Boys' brains have more neural centers in the right hemisphere that concern spatial reasoning than girls.

Explanation: Males tend to relate to others using objects. They play with balls, darts, paint guns, rocks, and more!

6. Structural Separateness

Fact: Since boys' and girls' brains are designed differently, boys and girls tend to behave differently.

Explanation: Boys and girls brains process information in different parts at different times. Boys tend to relate to others with more physical and aggressive activity.

7. Retaining Recollections

Fact: The hippocampus, a memory center in the brain, is more active in girls than in boys.

Explanation: Girls better recall emotional and relational experiences than boys. These recollections guide girls to multitask in memory and daily life.

8. Lobe Linkages

Fact: Girls' brain lobes (occipital, parietal, temporal, and frontal) are more active than the lobes of a boy.

Explanation: There are more connections in girls' brains between memory and sensations. Girls have a greater sensorial experience, and they more strongly connect their experiences to feelings, memories, and senses.

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