Challenge Your 5th Grade Artist!

Get down to artistic business with these challenging art activities.

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Layered Art

This fun art activity gets your child to create background and foreground elements, building his art skills and creative development.
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Draw an Emotional Self-Portrait

Encourage your child to explore color and its mood-altering effects by creating his own self portrait using only warm or cool colors.
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Make Lines Like Bridget Riley

Encourage your child to take a page from Bridget Riley and the op art movement, and see if she can create an optical illusion in her artwork.
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Draw a Mandala

Draw your own beautiful mandala with this easy technique that ensures symmetrical results every time!
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Blind Contour Drawing

This unique drawing activity gives kids a chance to practice their concentration and focus, and the end result is sure to bring lots of laughs!
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Color Gradation

Try a fun painting activity this Valentine's Day with your child. He can design abstract art and learn about color theory in an easy way!
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Paint Your Own Stemware

Make hand-painted stemware to give away as a gift in this unique arts and crafts activity.
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Make Your Own Pointillism Self-Portrait

Kids learn about pointillism as they make their own self-portrait in the style of famed American artist Chuck Close.
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