8 Signs of Mental Retardation

Mental retardation affects thousands of families, but promoting understanding and helpful tactics make the struggle easier. Here are common signs and ways you can help your child.

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1. Poor Memory

Difficulty: Individuals have difficulty remembering and recalling information they recently encounter.

How to Improve: Teach memory techniques to help them better store and retrieve information from short-term memory.

2. Slow Learning

Difficulty: Students take more time to learn new skills and information.

How to Improve: Students can learn new knowledge through repetition, rehearsal, and practice.

3. Easily Distracted

Difficulty: Kids may have trouble sustaining attention and focusing on the task at hand.

How to Improve: Direct the students' attention to the most important parts of the task.

4. Inability to Generalize

Difficulty: Students often have trouble generalizing the information they learn in one setting to other contexts and situations.

How to Improve: Help children transfer skills they learn in one place to other settings.

5. Lack of Independence

Difficulty: People with this condition sometimes give up easily when the task becomes challenging, or they may not trust their responses or answers.

How to Improve: Teach self-determination skills so they can make decisions on their own.

6. Lack of Basic Skills

Difficulty: These individuals often do not know how to take care of themselves to live independently.

How to Improve: Teach self-care skills, such as dressing, feeding, and bathing.

7. Poor Socialization

Difficulty: These people may have difficulty making and keeping friendships.

How to Improve: Teach interpersonal and social skills.

8. Challenging Behavior

Difficulty: Students are more likely to exhibit aggression, self-injury, and poor self-control.

How to Improve: Teach self-management skills.

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