Comprehension Connection: Reading Activities for Fifth Graders

Fifth grader students can learn to skim passages, figure out the main idea, and summarize text with these reading exercises.

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Find the Gist: A Textbook Study Strategy

Here's an activity to help your child manage their nonfiction reading by focusing on the most important elements of what she's read.
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Action! Make Movies as you Read

For a fun way to encourage your child to read, try this comprehension technique made to satisfy visual learners.
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Fishing for Headlines

Fish for headlines! This fun and exciting social studies activity is a great way to get your fifth grader reading and understanding newspaper articles.
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Skim First, Answer Later: A Textbook Study Strategy

Textbook studying doesn't have to be a slog. Here's an at-home activity for before your middle-schooler begins those end-of-the-chapter review questions.
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