Funky Fun Art: 9 Ideas for Creative Painting

Finding arts and crafts time a little boring or stale? Try these fun, new ways to paint and liven things up!

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Paint With Ice

In this fun activity, frozen cubes of paint provide your preschooler with a cool new way to paint a masterpiece.
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Make Squishy Paint Art

Featuring plenty of good old fashioned squishy, gooey fun without the mess, this compromise of an art project is sure to please little ones and grown-ups alike.
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Create Marble Art

Here's a fun way for your preschooler to practice making predictions. Shake up marbles covered in paint to see what colorful design you'll make!
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Paint With Bubbles

Want to create some really unusual artwork and introduce your little artist to color combining? Try out some bubble painting!
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Create Pendulum Art

Here's an arts and crafts activity for your preschooler: make pendulum paintings using only a funnel, canvas, and paint!
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Paint with Feathers

Encourage your child's creativity by giving him a new kind of paintbrush -- a feather!
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Create a Swinging Paints Masterpiece

Try this art activitythat has your preschooler making chaotic paint designs with just a paintbrush pendulum!
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Make Turntable Art

Create colorful paintings using the turntable on an old record player, and help your child experiment with color and movement!
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Make an Alphabet Memory Game

This preschool activity allows you and your child to make your very own alphabet matching game. Your child will develop his memory and practice letter sounds.
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