8 Great Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Learning doesn't have to be all crunching numbers and flashcards. Inject some fun into study time with this collection of crossword puzzles for kids! These wordy worksheets challenge young learners with vocabulary and spelling in an appealing game-like format.

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3rd Grade Vocabulary Crossword

Challenge your child's vocabulary and spelling with a fun crossword puzzle full of 3rd grade terms.
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USA States Crossword

This isn't your usual crossword puzzle. You find the answers by identifying states on the U.S. map.
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5th Grade Vocabulary Crossword

If your 5th grade is crazy for crosswords, she'll be pleased with this offering.
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Planet Pictures Crossword

If you know what each planet looks like, you'll have no trouble with this intergalactic crossword puzzle.
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Ocean Animals Crossword

Use your knowledge of sea creatures to fill out this crossword puzzle.
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Antonym Crossword Puzzle

Try a crossword puzzle where all the answers are opposites of their clues!
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Baseball Crossword

Batter up! Baseball is full of fun and unique terms, and this crossword puzzle is full of them.
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Authors Crossword

Have your bookworm take a break from all that reading and challenge him to answer crossword clues by naming famous authors.
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