5 Developmental Milestones: 10 - 11 Years Old

Learn about the social, emotional, physical and intellectual milestones of children in your child's age group.

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Developmental Tasks

As children approach the upper elementary school grades they take on more responsibilities. Children ages 10 - 11 continue to develop a sense of accomplishment in school, with peers, and in their own abilities. New challenges shape kids' existing beliefs and values.

Physical Growth

Traits: Girls often make make quick weight gains as their bodies prepare for puberty. Boys sharpen their motor-skills, and they are active and rough in play.

Advice for Parents: Nourish kids with a variety of foods for healthy growth. Provide opportunities for motor development: Install a baseketball hoop. Supply rollerblades.

Intellectual Development

Traits: Argues logically. Concerned with in-style fashions and current trends. May show talent. May enjoy reading. Takes on many interests, some may be short-lived.

Advice for Parents: Teach child to use logic in problem-solving and everyday thinking. Talk about drug abuse. Recommend books directed to interests. Provide lessons in music, art, or other interests.

Social Growth

Traits: Respects and shows affection toward parents. May have one best friend. Selective in friendships. May desire to befriend the "in" group.

Advice for Parents: Return admiration and love to child. Spend time together. Accept choice of friends or feelings to be with the "cool" group.

Emotional Attributes

Traits: Acts casual or relaxed. Enjoys privacy. Girls mature more quickly than boys. Seldom angry outbursts tend to be violent and quick. Worries about school and peer relationships.

Advice for Parents: Provide personal space and consolation as needed. Recognize and accept angry outbursts. Provide opportunities for appropriate socialization.

Moral Maturation

Traits: Carries a strong sense of justice. Has strict moral standards. Focuses more on what is wrong than what is right.

Advice for Parents: Recognize that child's sense of justice is limited to her own understanding. Accept concerns about right and wrong. Acknowledge injustice. Highlight good morals in action.

Possible Setbacks?

Children ages 10 - 11 years old often overcome many insecurities that have previously plagued them. Some children may have difficulties with the following: Rebellion. Extreme teasing. Bullying. Nervous stomach. Excessive procrastination. Lack of friends and involvements. Inappropriate relationships with older teens.

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