5 Developmental Milestones: 6 - 7 Years Old

Learn about the social, emotional, physical and intellectual milestones of children in your child's age group.

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Developmental Tasks

Children 6 to 7 years old begin elementary school where they formally learn the three R's: reading, writing, and arithmetic. These kids continue to: Know reality from fantasy. Embrace gender. Make connections and distinctions between feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Problem-solve by initiating and creating.

Physical Growth

Traits: Growth spurts can cause increased energy and coordination challenges. Will accept idea that baby grows in womb. Eats with fingers. Talks with full mouth. Becomes sick often.

Advice for Parents: Don't emphasize clumsiness or change of appearance. Feed balanced meals. Set a good example at the table.

Cognitive Breakthroughs

Traits: May stutter under stress. Wants everything and struggles to make choices. Has organized, continuous memories. Most learn to read and write.

Advice for Parents: Provide opportunities for making decisions. Read with child. Give opportunities to write.

Social Development

Traits: Can blame mother for everything that goes wrong. Sometimes unkind to peers. Must win. Changes rules to meet needs. May have trouble concentrating in school.

Advice for Parents: Consistently respond to child's blame. Guide to make friends. Teach how to be a good loser. Stay connected with school.

Emotional Attributes

Traits: Feels insecurity. Center of own world. Does not accept punishment, blame, or criticism. May tantrum. Rigid or demanding. May accuse others of cheating if not winner.

Advice for Parents: Give opportunities to practice independence. Be patient. Accept apparent selfishness. Set limits. Avoid games that identify a winner.

Moral Maturation

Traits: Concerned how own behavior impacts friends and family. Sometimes blame others for own wrongdoings.

Advice for Parents: Teach child responsibility for her own behavior. Console that everyone makes mistakes.

Possible Setbacks?

Young children starting their first years of elementary school may still be working through struggles from preschool or kindergarten. These children can have difficulty with: Leaving parents. Playing with others. Talking clearly. Bullies. Toileting. Bedwetting. These struggles may also be present for children ages 3 to 7.

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