5 Developmental Milestones: 9 - 10 Years Old

Learn about the social, emotional, physical and intellectual milestones of children in your child's age group.

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Developmental Tasks

As children approach the big 1-0 they continue to grow and feel more confident about themselves. They feel success when they learn, apply new skills, and interact with peers. Physical strength and self-control increase. They consider their developing values and beliefs as they encounter new situations and dilemmas.

Physical Growth

Traits: Boys, and some girls, engage in rough play and team games. With greater body control kids sharpen their skills in strength and speed. Interest in work and craft projects. Girls develop more rapidly than boys.

Advice for Parents: Provide opportunities for team games and handicrafts. Start teaching about bodily changes. Explain menstruation to both boys and girls.

Cognitive Development

Traits: Capable of abstract thinking, reasoning, and lengthened attention. Has definite interests. Seeks facts. Unique differences become pronounced.

Advice for Parents: Adapt learning opportunities to child's interests and attention span. Do not give all answers; give time to think and discuss. Respect individual differences.

Social Growth

Traits: Boys begin to test and exercise independence. Interested in friends and social activities. Kids separate by gender. Often act silly within groups.

Advice for Parents: Be warm and firm when kids test limits. Accept natural separation of boys and girls. Encourage friendships. Help kids who have few friends.

Emotional Characteristics

Traits: Becomes independent, dependable, and trustworthy. May experience peer rejection and behavior problems.

Advice for Parents: Assure your child that you always accept her, even if you do not approve of certain behaviors. Praise positive characteristics as they evolve.

Moral Maturation

Traits: Argues over fairness. Struggles to admit mistakes, but takes more initiative to take responsibility for failures. Aware of right and wrong. Wants to do right. Sometime overreacts or rebels.

Advice for Parents: Help child learn to take responsibility for behavior. Support child when she falls short of meeting your personal standards for right and wrong.

Possible Setbacks?

Children 9 to 10 years old are becoming more mature and responsible. Difficulties experienced by these children include: Extreme concerns about competition and performance. Rebellion. Teasing. Whining. Headaches. Nervous stomach. Few interests. Social Isolation. Inappropriate relationships with older children. These difficulties are generally present for children 7 to 12 years old.

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