7 Awesome Dinosaur Pirate Printables

Blimey! Would you believe it if I told you tales filled with swashbuckling stegosauruses, treacherous t-rexes, and boisterous brontosauruses? Join a gang of mischievous dinosaurs and follow their adventures with this collection of dino-pirate printables. Kids will love coloring these prehistoric beasts. They'll have tons of fun and work out fine motor skills to boot!

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Scurvysaurus Rex and Crew

Kids' brains are typically a mishmash of candy, cartoons, pirates, and dinosaurs. Combine two of their most favorite things in this imaginative coloring page.
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Pirate Dinosaur

Arrr you ready for a swashbuckling coloring adventure? Color a pirate dinosaur with your first mate!
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Prehistoric Pirate Coloring Page

Set sail! Your swashbuckling buccaneer will have fun coloring in this prehistoric pirate picture.
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T-Rex Pirate

With a few crayons and a crazy imagination (and maybe a few pirate puns), you and your child can color this king lizard.
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Pirate Ankylosaurus

Don't try to steal gold from this pirate! He's an Ankylosaurus dinosaur who somehow got promoted to captain.
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DinosARRR Coloring Page

Pirates and dinos make a great pair. Color in this pirate captain and his prehistoric friend!
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Pirate Dinosaur Coloring Page

Pirates and dinosaurs together? Historical inaccuracies don't matter when the subjects are this cute.
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