10 Essentials Every Home Should Have on Hand

Looking for ways to stretch that buck at home and cut back on waste? We've got a list of 10 essentials every household should have on hand.

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1. Duct Tape

Got a hole in your shoe? How about a leaky pipe or open box? Duct tape has earned its reputation for utility and versatility a hundred times over. Just try thinking of something that duct tape isn't good for! Keep it handy for quick fixes and easy solutions to just about every household challenge.

2. Mason Jars

Mason jars, sometimes called canning jars or fruit jars, seem to be popping up everywhere these days. Use them in place of drinking cups, to store anything from lentils and loose-leaf tea to coins and push-pins, even to act as impromptu candle holders! Plus, these jars lend a fun vintage vibe to any room.

3. Batteries

Do you know the difference between AA and AAA, or C and D? Knowing which batteries go with which items can save time and frustration, and keeping a set of each in the house is a must for when the unexpected strikes.

4. Sewing Kit

Ripped seams, popped buttons and worn out teddy bears are a drag, but they're also a part of life. Having a good kit with needle and thread nearby can be a lifesaver when wear and tear catches up with your family.

5. Permanent Markers

Perfect for everything from labeling your child's clothes and lunch bags to color-coding for instant organization, a good set of permanent markers can help keep parents sane in a crazy world. Stock up on a rainbow of colors!

6. Candles

Whether you need light in an emergency or just a pinch of ambiance for a special occasion, a stockpile of candles is always your best bet for easy illumination.

7. Twine

Stronger than string but sleeker than rope, twine has got the goods for all your tying, knotting, and stringing needs. Perfect for wrapping a package in a pinch, twine can also be used for, well, just about anything!

8. Binder Clips

Originally designed for the office, these classic clampers make for the perfect at-home assistant: they'll close bags, keep papers in check and even help hang pictures on the wall. Now manufactured in a variety of sizes, binder clips are your go-to when it comes to attaching one thing to another.

9. Superglue

Superglue can be considered the ultimate in at-home essentials. From cracked crockery to kids craft projects, a mere drop of this magical substance is the answer! But beginners beware: this stuff is strong, so don't get it anywhere you'd rather not get glued. A small tube goes a long way, so stock up now and keep it handy.

10. Card Stock

Thicker and sturdier than regular construction paper, card stock is a sneaky solution to a variety of at-home challenges. Use it for anything from homemade place cards and envelopes to door signs and kids decorations. All you need is a dash of creativity to make card stock your favorite at-home essential.

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