Family-Friendly Hanukkah Recipes

No matter what you celebrate, these traditional and non-traditional Hanukkah-inspired recipes will warm your family's home and bellies.

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Hamantaschen: Jewish Jam Cookies

Introduce your child to baking with traditional Hamantaschen, or jam-filled buttery cookies that are usually made for Purim.
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Chocolate-Dipped Apricot Gelt

Hanukkah gelt is a festive treat for the Festival of Lights. Make this Hanukkah gelt even more special with chocolate-dipped apricots.
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Apricot Rugelach Cookies

Bake these rugelach cookies with your child this Hanukkah to celebrate the holiday and help her practice important math skills.
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Hanukkah Gelt Cookies

Your first grader will delight in making a cookie version of homemade gelt--the gold coin chocolates that are often given as gifts or prizes during Hanukkah.
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Sufganiyot Recipe

Celebrate the holidays by making sufganiyot, or fried jelly donuts. This Hanukkah recipe is great for kids learning about the Festival of Lights.
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