Fourth Grade Assessments for the Beginning of the Year

This slideshow features our best worksheets for assessing fourth grade skills at the beginning of the school year.

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Number Sense Review Part 1

Let your students show what they know about place value, as they round, determine the value of various digits, and build numbers. Gain insight into who is ready to take on the challenges in the thousands place and beyond!
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Household Chores: Opinion Writing Exercise

Catch a glimpse into your students’ thoughts and ideas while simultaneously assessing their spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills!
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Organizing My Opinion

Get kids thinking about their opinions! This worksheet will help you gain an understanding of how your students organize their ideas prior to crafting a new writing piece. This resource pairs well with the Household Chores writing prompt.
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Number Sense & Operations Review Part 2

Have your students flex their math muscles as they solve problems related to addition, subtraction, division, and more! Conduct formative assessments through this worksheet along with Number Sense Review Part 1.
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Math Madness: Multiplication Facts

Do you want to learn about which multiplication facts your students have mastered? Students will apply their math facts while completing this problem set. Before you say "go," offer encouragement as they embrace this challenge!
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Language Arts Review Part 1

This language arts review provides a quick way to assess your students’ knowledge of parts of speech and other skills.
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Language Arts Review Part 2

This review worksheet is a quick way to assess your students’ knowledge of prepositional phrases and other language arts skills.
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Check-In: Spelling & Vocabulary

Students will fix misspelled words and identify prefixes and suffixes in this spelling worksheet.
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