Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Looking for a way to ring in the Lunar New Year? Introduce your child to important cultural practices, interesting facts, and Chinese New Year's traditions with these fun and festive activity ideas. You'll not only increase your kid's cultural awareness, but you'll also get him excited for the year to come. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Lion Dance

In this activity, your child will create a fun lion mask and learn a little about Chinese culture too!
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Chinese Lanterns

During Chinese New Year festivities, you see lanterns everywhere. Your child can make her very own red and gold lanterns to display at home.
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Chinese Good Luck Charms

Chinese New Year is a time when many different luck-bringing rituals are performed. In this activity your child will create a lucky trinket.
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Red Envelopes

In this activity, your child will create a red envelope that can be filled with money to spread good will and ward off evil spirits in the New Year.
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Paper Fortune Cookies

Make your very own fortune cookies from paper and share good fortunes with family and friends.
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Chinese Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are a traditional form of folk art that originated in ancient China. Help your child create his own puppet and put on a show!
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Origin of Fireworks

Put your kid's Internet research skills to the test with this activity that will help him learn more about the history and cultural significance of fireworks.
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Dragon Dance

Make a paper plate puppet that'll help your child imagine what it's like to be in a performance of the dragon dance.
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Yuan Xiao Jie

Bring a bit of the fun of Yuan Xiao Jie to your home with this lantern activity. Happy New Year!
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