Holiday Math Practice for 2nd Grade

Over winter break, encourage your child to practice various foundational 2nd grade math skills, such as addition, multiplication, and graphing with these joyful worksheets!

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Add & Spell the Hidden Word 9

Keep your child busy on snowy days with this winter-themed 2nd grade math worksheet. He'll practice two-digit addition, then crack a word puzzle at the end.
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Christmas Subtraction #4

Enjoy a festive subtraction sheet this winter season! Santa left some simple subtraction problems for your second grader to solve.
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Colorful Christmas Math #10

Help your little one review her math facts with a fun coloring activity, where she'll solve and then color the addition and subtraction problems in each gift.
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Christmas Word Problems #2

Use this Christmas word problems worksheet to strengthen your kid's math skills. This worksheet will prep your kid to do everyday math, even over winter break.
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Money Math at the Toy Store

Spread Christmas cheer by buying toys to donate! These money math problems let your child practice his multiplication while figuring out how much the toys cost.
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Winter Sports: Practice Reading a Bar Graph

Celebrate the winter Olympics with this 2nd grade math worksheet in which children practice reading, analyzing, and computing data in a bar graph.
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Christmas Graphing

Use a pictograph to find out how many presents Minnie wrapped this year.
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