Insect Orders Coloring Pages

These are for the bug-lovers! Learn the insect orders with fact-filled coloring pages.

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Boxelder Bug Coloring Page

The insect order Hemiptera consists of True Bugs such as Stainers, Assassin Bugs, Leaf-Footed Bugs, and this Boxelder Bug.
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Color in the gold and red colors of this common grasshopper species and learn about insect orders with your child!
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Homoptera Coloring Page

If your child loves bugs, he'll adore this coloring page! Learn all about the insect order Homoptera, which consists of Aphids, Hoppers, Cicadas, and more.
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Odonata Coloring Page

If you're fascinated by bugs, check out this coloring page featuring the insect order Odonata, which consists of damselfies and dragonflies.
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Coleoptera Coloring Page

For kids who bug out on bugs, here's the perfect coloring page! Learn about the insect order Coleoptera, which we mostly know as beetles.
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Diptera Coloring Page

Too familiar with flies and mosquitoes? Learn about their insect order Diptera as your child colors this bug-lover's fun page.
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Lepidoptera Coloring Page

Butterflies and moths may have very different colors, but they are from the same insect order! Learn about lepidoptera with a fun coloring page.
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Hymenoptera Coloring Page

Sting your little insect enthusiast with some knowledge about the insect order Hymenoptera. He'll learn a fun fact as he colors this yellowjacket.
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