5 Easy-Peasy Steps to Enroll in Kindergarten

Make sure your little one's ready for her first day.

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Get Your Child on the Road to Learning

Is your child starting kindergarten? Make sure your little one is ready. Here are some requirements needed to be fulfilled before the first day of school.

1. Provide Proof of Age

School districts usually require that children need to be 5 years or older by a set day. Show proof of age with a certified birth certificate or with a baptismal certificate from your church. Your school district may also accept hospital records from your child's birth, an insurance policy, or a notarized statement signed by your doctor.

2. Show Proof of Residence

To attend a school you need to show that you live in the district boundaries. Schools generally want you to show 2 of the following: electric bill, telephone bill, voter registration card, rental contract, or notarized statement.

3. Update Your Child's Health Records

Each state has specific health requirements for enrolling in school. Check with your school to see what paperwork they require. You generally need to show proof of a recent physical examination and required immunizations.

4. Fill Out the Enrollment Form

Visit your little one's future school to get an enrollment form. Turn the form in on time so your school can properly plan for the number of teachers and classrooms. Information on the form includes: parents' name, address, and phone number; emergency contacts; social security number; and language spoken at home. Contact your school for help if you have difficulty filling out the form.

5. Get Your Meal Ticket

Ask your school for applications for free and reduced breakfast and lunch. These forms are often available during enrollment or the beginning of the school year. You will need to fill out information about your family's income for the school to decide if your child is eligible.

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