Kindergarten Green Toys Roundup 2012

Find the best in green toys that are great for kindergartners' brains, and easy on the environment, too.

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Life on Earth Lacing Cards

Reduce noise pollution with a quiet game that promotes concentration! This durable set of lacing cards features vivid and fanciful animal illustrations. Kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they thread colorful laces through holes outlining each animal. Clean punched holes and no-fray laces minimize frustration. Recycled gray board and soy ink minimize impact to our planet. (eeBoo, $12.80)

3D Cityscape Jigsaw Puzzle

Playtime is just starting for kids who get their hands on this jumbo puzzle of streets and 3-D buildings. Made from recycled paper it gives new life to old paperboard, and it’s safe with soy and water-based inks and finish. Soy inks are based from plants and a great alternative to common petroleum-based inks. When kids get a hold of these colorful puzzle pieces they’ll be grasping a host of useful skills--honing fine motor control, recognizing colors and shapes. Once this tabletop city is in place it’s ready for cars, dolls and the occasional dinosaur to stroll down its streets. (Alex, $12.26)

Alphabet A-Z

Made from eco-wooden particle and E-zero glue, this alphabet set is designed to promote both a healthy planet and child. Sturdy A-Z blocks correspond to cardboard bases depicting objects that begin with each sound. Kids can sequence the blocks, match by shape or sound, learn about letter formation, or practice spelling words. The multitude of uses give this set staying power, as do the durable materials. It's sure to be used often and passed on from one child to the next. Isn't that the ultimate in green gifting? (Plan Toys, $34.99)


This new album is a 17-track food adventure! The songs, which serve up a wholesome range of music styles, are all about growing, preparing (and devouring!) nutritious and delicious food from all four seasons. From mellow jazz vocals on tracks like “Honey Bee,” to a Latin accordion jam on “Rice and Beans,” to a rap song all about the fall harvest, this CD has a little bit for everyone. Not only is “Delicious” a pleasure to listen to, but it will encourage your child to think about where her food comes from, and why it’s important to eat food that’s in-season. Though the CD isn’t available for purchase until May 1st, we think it’s worth the wait. (Orange Sherbet)

My Mama Earth

The symbol of Earth as Mother is the focal point of this beautiful picture book, written by Susan B. Katz and illustrated by Melissa Launay. Readers follow one boy’s journey throughout the day and around the world as he discovers the wonder and beauty of nature. Rhyming text and vibrant illustrations make this a perfect read for Earth Day, reminding young readers of the importance of safeguarding the planet. Completing the message, Barefoot Books prints only with vegetable-based ink and uses pulp from sustainable sources. (Barefoot Books, $12.23)

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